On View: Jose Picayo's 25 Years of Polaroids

Sharon Steven


Jose PIcayo "Self Portrait With Twin Brother" (1992)


'25 Years of Polaroids'

Robin Rice

325 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014

West Village

Through January 6, 2019


While photographs teleport to the cloud after capture, Robin Rice presents 25 Years of Polaroids: Jose Picayo's 9th solo exhibition at Rice, a photographic practice made physical.

Picayo's 96 photographic works capture three decades of personal and commercial work on Polaroid formats ranging from the classic 600 film to those created with the legendary 20x24 camera.

Picayo's collection, filled with simplistic beauty, serves as an usher through time. A Photographer familiar with the large format masters of the 50s, performing a Renaissance of sorts through the use of styling and techniques linked to the advent of light capture. The concern at the heart of Picayo's work questioning perception and focusing on what has been lost time time; an eerie nod to the demise of Polaroid.

Enter the space, you're confronted by a staggering Barbie (2000). Turn and you face Self Portrait with Twin Brother (1992). Two of several works showcasing experimental techniques that enhance the tactility of photographic prints.

With a body of work that calls attention to the life of a photograph, Picayo breathes life into his photographs, taping into the magic that is light and time capture.

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