Flower Adapter Pack For Polaroid 600 / i-Type / SX-70

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Instantly create Polaroid 600, i-Type and SX-70 prints with BKIFI Film patterns.

How do you use one? Carefully insert one patterned layer at the top of a new film cartridge, following the instructions on the adapter package and/or reviewing our installation demo video. Insert the cartridge into your camera and shoot like normal. When your print develops, the pattern you selected will appear. Tip: To achieve a vibrant pattern, shoot with as much natural light as possible! Use flash indoors and shoot in front of a wall to amplify brightness since the pattern fades into shadowy, underexposed areas.

Each pack contain (1) Yellow Flowers adapter, (1) Pink Flowers adapter and (1) Au Printemps adapter. Each layer is reusable. Polaroid Film is not included.