COVID-19 Safety Measures

We're in this together!

The last weeks it's been business not quite as usual in the workshop.

In response to the slowed pace of daily life, we’ve thrown ourselves into production improvements.
We've adapted our studio practice to better serve creative communities at home and abroad.
Rest assured that your order was prepared and produced in an environment where the following precautions are taken:

    ✔ A mask and gloves are worn at all times in the workshop and during the production process.
    ✔ Working surfaces are routinely wiped clean.
    ✔ Once an item has left production, it's allowed to sit for 72 hours.

    If you're based in Brooklyn, note that we have introduced curbside pickup of online orders. Additionally, we continue to provide flat rate delivery, now contactless, to Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. As an added bonus, we’re snapping a free, front door Polaroid portrait for each of our local supporters as a thank you and reminder of what bolstering support looks like in tough times.

    We kindly request your patience once an order has been placed.
    The majority of orders continue to ship within 24 hours.

    We will continue to follow CDC as well as local updates and respond accordingly.

    As always, we thank you for helping us keep the film photography dream alive!
    Stay safe and keep creating.

    From the team at Brooklyn Instant Film Initiative