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© Jenessa Marquez

Crush on u for Instant film (2022)

© Photodom.NYC

35mm Smile Film (2021)

Brooklyn Instant Film Initiative makes things happen on film. 


Our library of custom options are perfect for small batch projects, 
retail collaboration, private events and site activation.


Get in touch and let's develop a custom style together👇🏾


©Julian Urueta

35mm Smile Film for Photodom.NYC (2021)
100 ISO

© Jenessa Marquez

35mm Crush on u Film for Jenessa Marquez (2022)
200 ISO

© Reece Woolsey

35mm Flames Film Yes.Please (2020)
400 ISO

© Kate Nakamura

35mm Fiesta Film for Photodom.NYC (2020)
800 ISO