Polaroid 600 / i-Type / SX-70 Film Adapter Pack

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Instantly create Polaroid 600, i-Type and SX-70 prints with BKIFI Film patterns.

How do you use one? Carefully insert one patterned layer at the top of a new film cartridge, following the instructions on the adapter package and/or reviewing our installation demo video. Insert the cartridge into your camera and shoot like normal. When your print develops, the pattern you selected will appear. Tip: To achieve a vibrant pattern, shoot with as much natural light as possible! Use flash indoors and shoot in front of a wall to amplify brightness since the pattern fades into shadowy, underexposed areas.

Each pack contains 3 unique layers with a pattern from the theme's style. Each layer is reusable. Polaroid Film is not included.

The Hearts Pack includes: (1) Red Heart adapter, (1) Pride Heart adapter and (1) 3-D Heart adapter.

The Flowers Pack includes: (1) Yellow Flowers adapter, (1) Pink Flowers adapter and (1) Au Printemps adapter.

Credit : Black Border Photograph © Kait Ralón
Black and White Photographs © Gabby Greene