Custom Gallery

Brooklyn Instant Film Initiative makes things happen on film.


 If you seek to infuse creativity into your special event, our experience customizing 35mm, 120 and instant film offers endless possibilities for various occasions including, but not limited to: small batch projects, site activation, artist collaboration, retail display/Polaroid walls, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties and weddings.


© Jenessa Marquez

35mm Besos Film for I'm Still Developing (2024)
200 ISO

© Photodom.NYC

© Jenessa Marquez

35mm Crush on u Film for I'm Still Developing (2022)
200 ISO


©Julian Urueta

35mm Smile Film for Photodom.NYC (2021)
100 ISO

© Kate Nakamura

35mm Fiesta Film for Photodom.NYC (2020)
800 ISO

© Reece Woolsey

35mm Flames Film for Yes.Please (2020)
400 ISO

Options available for Fuji Instax (Mini, Wide, Square) and Polaroid (600, i-Type, SX-70, Go)


© Sharon Steven

Handwriting on Polaroid 600 film (2024)


© Jenessa Marquez

Instax Wide Crush on u for I'm Still Developing (2022)

© Sharon Steven

Black Heart Border for Polaroid 600 film (2022)


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