BKIFI Films is a production project, born out of the desire to create a film stock informed by Steven's experimentation with photographic materials. Particularly, a desire to place grids on film in a way that the film could then be passed on and shot by others, developing with the photographer’s image in addition to the grid.

Frequent, personal use of grid organization in software and interior design, inspired hand drawn grids in Steven's 2016 work. The resulting photographs offered a vision of grids on photo materials. Looking further back, as a long time user of instant film, the disappointment of never getting their hands on Spectra grid film has long traveled with Steven.

Fast forward to late 2018, and the concept for how to make this dream a reality, clicked into place. After weeks of experimentation, countless rolls tested, Steven was satisfied with results and launched the very first batch of 35mm rolls in February 2019. The rest is history. You can now check out the growing library of images photographers have gone on to shoot with the 10+ styles of modified 35mm film Steven's released since then, through Brooklyn Instant Film Initiative (@bkifi_films)

Excerpt from "Voids" series (2016)

35mm Smile Film Photodom.NYC custom design (2021)

First sample on instant film (2018)

First sample on 35mm film (2018)

35mm Grid Film (2019)

35mm B&W Pegs Film (2019)


35mm RESIST Film (2019)


35mm Rainbow Film (2020)

35mm 2020 WYE Photogenic Supply custom design (2020)