BKIFI ADAPTS ™ 35mm, Red Hearts

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Introducing BKIFI ADAPTS ™ Red Hearts Edition. 

An accessible component for your camera that we thoughtfully designed to ensure it allows you to

1. install and remove with a easy, no mess process (no tools required)

2. pair a special effect with your preferred film stock

3. apply the effect to multiple rolls, an alternative to individual pre-exposed rolls

Produce images with a Red Hearts that will compliment a range of subjects in both orientations. 

Note 1: The direction your camera feeds film in may vary from the demo video. It's important to apply the adhesive side near the film chamber to prevent the adapter from shifting as film advances. 

Note 2: Hearts develop upside down when this film's cassette inserts on the camera's right side.

Will you embrace that possibility or request an adapter for right loading cameras in the instructions box at checkout.

Credit: Images Megan Swick