Rainbow Film

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Rainbow Film was designed to celebrate love and hope, enhancing 35mm photographs with soft, arching rainbows. A rainbow's position in the frame will vary, with some rainbows appearing in the center of a frame, and some rainbows sliding to either side of the frame, while under exposing this film will result in a bold, opaque rainbow that dominates the frame. When your roll is done, it easily develops at local labs and darkrooms that process color negative film!

24 Exposures | 400 ISO | C-41 (Color) Process

NOTE: Ensure your rainbows develop right side up by selecting a roll designed for the side of the camera your film canister inserts into. (i.e. SLR cassette chambers are typically located on the left side while some point and shoot cassette chambers are located on the right)

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Credit : Photo 1 @pronessness